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How About This Drunk Driver Who Somehow Figured Out A Way To Crash Into A Helicopter?

via McKinley County Sheriff's Office

via McKinley County Sheriff’s Office

Glenn Livingston, 26, of Gallup, New Mexico was arrested after he crashed into a fire truck before plowing into an emergency helicopter responding to a road traffic accident in New Mexico. Livingston was arrested at the scene and charged with aggravated DWI and resisting arrest. He also had an open container inside his vehicle.

Emergency services were at the scene of the initial collision near Gallup in McKinley County when Livingston’s black Jeep lost control at high speed. Thankfully, the aircraft had been shut down at the time of the crash, meaning its rotors were not turning. Similarly, the aircraft’s crew were not in the aircraft at the time and escaped without injury.

Witnesses of the accident said the helicopter was evacuating the casualty from an earlier accident when the Livingston crashed into it, knocking it on its side.

According to the Daily Mail, Frank Hernandez, who was at the scene with his tow truck to remove the original vehicle said it was ‘amazing’ that no-one was killed:

“I noticed after we got the vehicle picked up, this black Jeep flew past us. I was thinking what the heck is this guy doing? Because they had people out there trying to stop traffic, already he almost hit two ladies.

You’ve got to be pretty drunk. I’ve seen them where they’ve taken vehicles off the road and they don’t know they did that, or not.”

Yeah, no shit you need to be pretty drunk to crash into a helicopter. It’s a f*cking stationary helicopter. I don’t know where this guy was headed, or what exactly he was doing, but you gotta be some type of lit to mow into both a fire truck and helicopter.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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