WATCH: College Basketball Player's Botched Dunk Turns Into Crazy Trick Shot

Jordan Jones of Kennesaw State University wasn’t able to finish a huge dunk at practice, but it somehow ended up working out better than anyone could have imagined. Watch how a botched dunk attempt can turn into an unreal trick shot.

That’s a trick shot that’s truly a one in a million occurrence. The 6’8″ forward could throw dunks off the back iron over and over again and never have one ricochet into another hoop like that. Sometimes, the stars just align for you to achieve the unachieveable and go viral for your athletic prowess.
So congrats to the fourth-year junior for defying the laws of physics. It was easily the most entertaining windmill I’ve seen since Vince Carter melted brains at the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest.

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