The Chive Just Launched A William Murray Golf Line Because Everyone Loves BFM

The Chive is known for many things, one of which is their relationship with Bill F*cking Murray. Since Bill’s kinda sorta obsessed with the game of golf, and The Chive loves making clothes, the two figured that maybe they should launch their own golf line called the William Murray Golf Collection. And that’s exactly what they did.
The William Murray Golf Collection is described as “irreverent, authentic, and unlike anything out there.” Not only can you wear these clothes on the golf course, but they’re also comfy enough that you’ll want to wear them pretty much everywhere else. Each polo and hat from the WMG Collection features a bit of the Murray family Scottish tartan hand-stitched into the clothing. Additionally, each polo features William Murray’s signature on the back. It’s a nice, personal touch.
Believe it or not, you might have already seen some of the clothes if you watched the Ryder Cup. Bill wore a different William Murray Golf Collection each day of the tournament.
If you like what you see, or are at all just curious about the WMG Collection, do yourself a favor and head to The Chivery store ASAP. These things are selling out at an astronomical rate, and some of our favorite designs are already gone until Christmas. If you’re thinking about shopping for your dad for the holidays or just because you love him, go to The Chivery now.

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