UNR Freshman In Critical Condition After Fall At Sigma Nu, Fraternity Immediately Suspended

Ugly news out of the University of Nevada. Ryan Abele, a freshman at the University of Nevada, is in critical condition at Renown Regional Medical Center after at the Sigma Nu fraternity house Sunday morning.
According to the GoFundMe page for Abele“He fell and hit his head and was unresponsive. Ryan was rushed to the emergency room immediately and went straight into surgery. He had extensive bleeding on the left side of his brain and the main artery leading to the brain had ruptured.”
UNR said in a statement, “The University of Nevada, Reno extends its sympathy and support to the friends and family of student Ryan Abele, critically injured in a fall the morning of Sunday, Oct. 16 at the Sigma Nu fraternity house. To better understand the circumstances surrounding the incident, active police and university investigations are underway.” UNR also said that during the investigation, Sigma Nu is not allowed to operate as an organization on campus.
Similarly, Sigma Nu’s national office is also investigating. Brad Beacham, executive director of the national office of Sigma Nu, said:  “Anytime we have a serious injury at a chapter house, the fraternity does conduct an investigation.”
Abele graduated from De La Salle High School, the renowned football powerhouse private school in Concord, California , where the school held a prayer vigil for the well-known and well-liked student.
Abele’s GoFundMe has raised $66,000 so far, way over the $50,000 asking amount. A family friend is also selling green T-shirts that say #RyanStrong at www.ryanabele.com
Quick anecdote: When I was a freshman at Rutgers, a very similar situation happened. I had just crossed into the fraternity as a brother, literally about a week or two after crossing, and I was outside the house smoking a cigarette. From the second-floor fire escape, the melt warped, and the couple hooking up on it feel about 20 feet to the ground, landing on a car below. They were both seriously injured, one had a broken jaw, sued the fraternity, but thankfully, they were both alright in the long run. We’re hoping the same for Ryan.
[h/t Reno Gazette-Journal]

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