Rapper Bobby Shmurda Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison

Bobby Shmurda’s legal saga finally came to an end today, and the Brooklyn, New York rapper was livid with the outcome. Shmurda had previously agreed to a plea deal where he would serve seven years in prison for one count of conspiracy and one count of weapons possession. But on Wednesday, Shmurda no longer wanted anything to do with that deal. From the New York Daily News:

The hip-hop hitmaker was sentenced to seven years in prison Wednesday under the terms of a plea deal worked out last month with Manhattan prosecutors.
But a suddenly reluctant Shmurda told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Abraham Clott that his lawyer forced him into accepting the deal against his will.
“I was forced to take this sentence. I don’t want to take this sentence,” Shmurda told the judge as flustered lawyer Alex Spiro stood alongside him in the courtroom. “I want to drop my plea.”
The rapper then addressed his lawyer directly as the tension filled the room: “I want to drop my plea and fire you … Why are you telling me to waive my rights? I am not waiving my rights.”
His last-ditch pitch fell on deaf ears as Assistant District Attorney Nigel Farinha asked to go forward with the sentencing and Clott imposed the agreed-upon sentence on Shmurda.

Shmurda clearly hasn’t made the wisest choices in his life, but it’s still a huge bummer to see a talented artist waste seven years of his career behind bars. He’s only 22-years-old and he’ll get credit for the 21 months he’s already served, so hopefully, Shmurda will be able to bless us with some jams after his release.
If not, at least we’ll always have “Hot Ni**a.” Nothing was more fun back in 2014 than hearing that song come on in a bar when your blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. I’d bust out the whitest, most uncoordinated Schmoney dance the world had ever seen. MITCH CAUGHT A BODY ABOUT A WEEK AGO!!!


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