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WATCH: Teleprompter Typo Leads To Hilarious News Blooper

NBC12's Twitter

NBC12’s Twitter

This morning, anchor Eric Philips had himself an unfortunate blooper while reading the news for Richmond, Virginia’s NBC12. He was attempting to tell his viewers about a recall for rice and slow cookers, but he was tripped up by a teleprompter typo. Check out the hilarious video below.

Ohhhh, sh*t! That ol’ dog Eric is trying to get the ladies all hot and bothered while they’re sipping on their morning coffee. He’s the goddamn Marvin Gaye of news anchors. All of the Richmond women better check their panties because today’s forecast calls for massive flooding, courtesy of Eazy-E.

NBC12 tweeted out this picture to prove that Eric got screwed over by a typo. Eric definitely owes somebody an ass whooping.

But as all Anchorman fans know, that could’ve gone a whole lot worse for Mr. Philips.

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