Man Sees Wife For First Time Without Makeup, Files For Divorce

In the United Arab Emirates, a 34-year-old man ended his marriage with his 28-year-old wife in an extremely cold-blooded fashion. The couple was together for six months before they got married, and everything was going swell for them as newlyweds until they took a trip to Al Mamzar Beach Park in Dubai. From Mediaite:

He was reportedly horrified to see her “features change” drastically after the water washed away her makeup. According to Metro UK, she realized that additionally “…she’d had cosmetic surgery and wore false eyelashes and colored contacts.”
In that moment, the man felt “tricked by her artificial beauty,” and has since motioned for divorce. “The groom immediately divorced his bride and refused any attempt to reunite them again,” said a psychologist who spoke with the wife shortly after the revealing incident.

That’s what she gets for false advertising. She thought that just because they got married he would love her unconditionally? Wake up, toots. Marriage isn’t a fairy tale. Either keep your looks on point at all times or get your ass kicked to the curb. This classy gentleman only fools around with natural beauties who are water-resistant.
But seriously, that dude is a colossal dickhead, and I wish he got attacked by both pirates and sharks while swimming in the ocean. She should consider herself lucky that he broke things off just days after their marriage. The quicker she was freed from the clutches of that psycho, the better.

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