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WATCH: Fisherman Catches The Biggest Lobster You’ve Ever Seen

Sanctuary Marine Bermuda's Facebook

Sanctuary Marine Bermuda’s Facebook

Over the weekend, fisherman Tristan Loescher reeled in the biggest damn lobster my eyes have ever had the pleasure of coming across. He was off the coast of Bermuda right after Hurricane Nicole came through, when he came face to face with an absolute monster of a lobster. Here’s some pictures of the 14-pound lobster and video of Tristan catching and releasing the majestic beast.

That is just a preposterously large lobster. It’s so large that Tristan won’t even have to exaggerate the size of his catch when telling this story for the rest of his life. That’s uncharted territory for a fisherman.

While releasing the lobster was definitely the right thing to do, I’m still a little salty no one got to feast on that bad boy. If I caught that lobster, I would’ve thrown it into a boiling pot so fast it would make your head spin. I also would’ve needed a wheelbarrow full of melted butter to go with it too. My mouth is watering and my cholesterol is rising just thinking about that succulent meal. I need to get my ass down to Bermuda ASAP.

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