WATCH: Michigan Judge Takes Off Robe, Gets Physical With Disrespectful Jerk

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John McBain doesn’t tolerate any nonsense in his courtroom, and one creep just learned that the hard way. Jacob Larson was in a Michigan courtroom because he wouldn’t stop harassing a woman on Facebook. While pleading his case to McBain, Larson kept digging himself a deeper and deeper hole by mouthing off to him. This was a tactic that Larson would immediately regret.

“Tase his ass right now!” Larson picked the wrong dude to mess with. I always thought that Judge Judy was a tough cookie, but she’s got nothing on this fiery son of a bitch.
I love how quickly McBain took his robe off and sprung into action too. He ripped that thing off instantly like he was an NBA player getting ready to check into a game. No hesitation. No fear. Just a commitment to keeping order in his courtroom by any means necessary.
And Larson 100% deserved everything that happened to him. Disrespecting a judge, cursing, resisting, and being an overall jerk is a perfect recipe to end up getting embarrassed in a viral video. Enjoy the clink, ya jabroni.

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