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WATCH: Crazy Condom Lady At UW Milwaukee Tries To Convince Students To Use Jimmy Hats


Crazy Condom Lady UW Milwaukee

Crazy people on campus spouting all sorts of hateful Jesus freak stuff is kind of par for the course these days, but I have to say that this “Crazy Condom Lady” at UW-Milwaukee is probably the strangest preacher we’ve seen. Like, we’re totally on board with the subject matter and the importance of using condoms, but we get the feeling that she’s part of some sort of religion that worships condoms.

She refers to condoms as “almighty condoms,” asks the students to be a “true believer,” and observes that some of the students have “lost faith.” Also, she’s walking around with a condom out of the wrapper and waving it around as though it’s some sort of sacrament. The humor in that it’s a Trojan Magnum condom is not lost on me, btw.

But despite her weird gospel and doubtful students, she immediately regains their love at the end of the video when she responds to their question, “How high are you right now?”

Quick side note: Yes, this woman obviously is insane and crazy and all that, but if you actually look closely at her I’d bet she was pretty hot back in the day. It’s a safe bet that she wasn’t a dead fish either, especially if you were carrying a condom in your “billfold.”

H/T: Brobible

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