Take A Wild Guess As To Where This Batsh*t Craziness Happened (Hint: Not Florida)

Nope. Not Florida. Bet you thought it was Florida, didn’t you? Nope, this is my second favorite place on Earth, the Florida of Asia… Russia!
I’m going to be upfront, this video is about six months old, but none of our editors have seen it before, so if it’s news to us, it’s news to you. We now bring you to Strunino, a tiny town outside of Moscow. A fire broke out in their five-story apartment, forcing the family to flee. However, they were not able to reach the stairs, so they had to find another way out — by jumping off the balcony.

A crowd of around 20 men gathered below the apartment building and urged the family to jump and they would catch them. The first family member to jump was the family’s youngest child, a toddler named Zhenyu, who gripped her blanket as she fell through the smoke. After she landed safely, the next child followed, and then their mother Elena launching herself from the balcony. Finally, the man of the house, Vitaly, was forced to jump. He perches himself on the balcony, then crosses his heart twice and looks to the sky and prays that he and his family will survive.

Somehow, they all landed safely, uninjured.

Balls of steel from this entire family.
And as wild as the video itself is, the screencaps may be even crazier.

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