Feras Freitekh: Full Story & Must-See Information on Plane Crash

Feras M. Freitekh has been identified as the man who crashed a plane into the streets of East Hartford, CT. Feras was a pilot trainee who was flying a Piper PA 34 when it crashed into a utility pole while on final approach to Hartford-Brainard Airport. The crash scene is located near the intersection of Main Street and Colt Street.
The instructing pilot, who has not been yet named, was in the cockpit was Feras was badly burned and injured. He was taken to Bridgeport Hospital. While in the hospital, he told investigators that Feras crashed the plane intentionally, the NY Times reports.
Terrorism hasn’t been ruled out, although the crash also being investigated as an accident. The scene and story are still developing.

What Happened?

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A Piper PA 34 plane hit a utility pole in East Hartford, CT, killing one pilot trainee (Feras M. Freitiekh) and injuring the pilot instructor. It is believed that Feras downed the plane intentionally.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is joined by Connecticut’s counter-terrorism task forc,e State Police Central District Crime Squad and Fire and Explosion Investigations Unit in what is now considered a multi agency investigation.
As a result of the plane crash, the Daily Mail reports there were up to 540 power outages.
Passengers in a minivan near the scene of the crash were also injured and taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
The scene of the crash is very near the headquarters of Pratt & Whitney, an aerospace manufacturer and defense contractor. One of Pratt & Whitney’s main jobs is to manufacture jet engines for military and passenger jets.
Here’s what a Pratt & Whitney employee said in a statement, “it does not appear at this time that any Pratt & Whitney employees or contractors were involved. Additionally, there is no impact to our operation here in East Hartford other than restricted traffic flow to the facility’s main entrance on Main Street. We stand ready to assist local officials as needed.”

Who Was Feras?

Feras was a Jordanian national who came to the United States via an M1 Visa for flight school. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shows that Feras was issued a private pilot certificate in 2015. He was certified to fly a single-engine plane. The Piper PA 34 Seneca that he crashed is a twin-engine plane, which would explain why he had an instructor in the cockpit with him.
Records also indicate that Feras took language classes at a school in Toledo, OH.

Feras Freitekh Photos: Must-See Pictures of Jordanian Pilot
Feras Freitekh Photos: Must-See Pictures of Jordanian Pilot
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