A Bunch Of Professional Athletes Responded To Donald Trump's 'Locker Room Talk' Excuse

Look – no one hates Donald Trump more than me. I violently crap on the guy every chance I get. But this right here is what’s wrong with American politics, and America in general: the fact that THIS is what is going to probably sink Trump’s campaign. If you needed this decade old video to prove to you that Donald Trump isn’t presidential, then you’re just an idiot. Sorry, but it’s true. Trump has always been unfit, unqualified, and unelectable, and if this video is what brought you to that realization then hey, welcome to reality, nice to finally have you.
And if I’m Trump, I’m absolutely furious. He’s been saying offensive and demeaning shit TO OUR FACES FOR A YEAR STRAIGHT, yet he was able to make it all the way to the general election. Now, because of a conversation he had with Billy f*cking Bush in 2005, NOWWWW everyone realizes he’s a piece of shit.
And that’s what’s wrong with American politics: supporters aren’t jumping ship because his policies are whack and he’s unfit to lead, but jumping ship because they are offended by his comments. What Trump said about grabbin’ p*ssy and what not is totally offensive, but it shouldn’t be the final nail in his presidential coffin. No, he given us plenty of final nails for about a year now, Americans were just too stupid to use them.
So that’s my stance on the latest Trump controversy. As promised, here are a bunch of athletes tearing Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ excuse to shreds:


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Panthers vs. Buccaneers Live Stream: Watch NFL Online Free
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