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Columbus Day 2016: Is There Mail Delivery Today?

Columbus Day is there mail today


If you are expecting an important letter on Columbus Day, it’s time to bury that thought because it’s not going to happen.

Since Columbus Day is considered a federal holiday, all post offices and federal offices of any kind will be closed, meaning that no mail will be delivered. This also means that no USPS packages will be delivered on Columbus Day. Although it is not a public holiday in states such as California, Nevada, or Hawaii, mail will still not be delivered.

That being said, if you are expecting an important package from UPS and Fedex on Columbus Day, you might be in luck. UPS and Fedex will have normal delivery hours on Monday because the companies do not take off for Columbus Day. However, because of Hurricane Matthew, there might be some delivery delays especially in areas that were affected by the hurricane.

Although post offices are closed, not every federal office will be closed as well. To find out what offices might stay open and to view the remaining schedule for federal holidays, click here.

COED Writer