This Blonde, Blue-Eyed Former Glamour Model Was Arrested For Trying To Join ISIS

Kimberly Miners is a former Page 3 Glamour Model who has been arrested on suspicion of the possession of terrorist material. A few years back, the blonde became known for first working as a trash collector, then a traffic warden, all while trying to break into the world of glamour modeling.
While she did pose topless for the magazine a few times, she failed to get the recognition other models had gotten.
After her father died suddenly in 2010 because of a freak accident, it’s believed she joined ISIS and started going by the name Aisha al-Britaniya. Al-Britaniya started posting photos in head scarves and burkas, and sharing videos of bombs on social media, but the real reason that the police arrested her is much more sinister: UK Police believe that Miners was actually being groomed to be a jihadi bride.
She was detained for 24 hours and then released. She still plans on visiting Syria to help with some charitable causes, which is just about the boldest move ever.

Kimberly Miners Photos

Below you can find a couple of photos that were shot when Kimberly Miners was working as a model.

There are also a couple of photos she took while working for the British government and was training to be a trash collector.

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