The Daily Show's Response To The "Watters' World" Chinatown Segment Is A++

I, like most well-intentioned, educated, properly adjusted people, thought that the latest Watters’ World segment on The O’Reilly Factor was utter bullshit. Human sex offender regisetry┬áJesse Watters went into Chiantown where he interviewed a bunch of old Chinese people who can’t speak English and peddled racist stereotypes like it was his job. Oh, wait, it is his job.
First, let me just make a point to all the people who don’t think this is racist: why didn’t he go and do this in the hood? Instead of asking some Chinese people if he should bow when he says allow, why didn’t he go to the Bronx and ask black people if he should dap them up when he says hello? Or instead of asking a Chinese street vendor if his watches were ‘hot’, why didn’t he go to Harlem and ask a street vendor there if his product was stolen? Instead of asking a Chinese man if he knows karate (which is a Japanese martial art, by the way), why didn’t he go to Queens and ask a Black man if he knows how to scrap? The answer is because it’s racist, and Watters’ and Fox News only have the balls to provoke the Chinese.
Luckily, most of the people in the world are still good and called out Fox News for their garbage, so it was only a matter of time before The Daily Show had their say.
Their response aired last night, and it’s absolutely f*cking brilliant:
[protected-iframe id=”2a973b47228fb5698387c365b76db008-3508545-91726680″ info=”” style=”padding:4px;width:750;height:420″]

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