Yes, Of Course People Are Memeing The Hell Out Of Hurricane Matthew

You have to respect America’s ability to turn anything, even a literal force of nature, into a meme. Despite the potential destruction and terror Hurricane Matthew may bring this weekend, that has not stopped brave citizens from churning out the dankest memes imaginable. Just our great postal service, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will stop us from making memes goddammit.

Whether it be Trump, Harambe or the Miami Dolphins, Hurricane Matthew memes have covered a wide range of topics. Now, while these memes are hilarious, Hurricane Matthew itself is still no joke. Anyone in the area should hopefully be somewhere safe now, using these memes to distract yourself from the harsh realities of the hurricane.

Before your internet and power access gets shut off by the massive storm, make sure that you check out the greatest Hurricane Matthew memes thus far.

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