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WATCH: Drugslab Guy Takes 45 MG of Ketamine For “Science”



The YouTube channel Drugslabs recently started coming on my radar a couple weeks ago when three kids from the Netherlands (Rens Polman, Nellie Benner and Bastiaan Rosman) got a grant from the Dutch government to take various drugs, film themselves, and teach people about the real effects they have on people. It’s an amazing idea, well-edited, entertaining, and educational about some stuff you might be genuinely curious about.

And then after the video of them doing the drugs, they post a separate “Do’s’ and Don’ts” of the drug to better inform people about how to enjoy it as safely as possible.

Long story short, you should start watching it. Does it help that the chick, Nellie, is like the cutest girl in the world? Probably.

This week, Drugslab put Bastiaan to the test by having him blow some Ketamine, the drug that’s blown up in popularity over the past decade. Bastiaan blew about 30 mgs of Ketamine, then took another 15 after about an hour. For someone like me who’s never really been interested in taking the drug, but have seen my fair share at concerts, festivals, etc., I was really intrigued.

I won’t ruin what happens to Bastiaan for you, but if you’re as curious as I am about the horse tranquilizer people can’t get enough of, check out the Drugslab episode below.

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