UFC's Donald Cerrone Says McGregor Acts ‘Like A Scared Little Kid’ & We Can Smell His Jealousy From Here

I’m biased. I’m a big Conor McGregor guy. He’s the best at what he does, but even more so, he’s the best at selling his product. McGregor wouldn’t be as famous, or rich, if he were to keep quiet. Being loud and bombastic is his thing, and he’s reaped the benefits. Remember Muhammad Ali? Of course you do. He talked better shit than any athlete in history, and how’d that work out for him?
That’s why Donald Cerrone bitching about Conor McGregor’s persona is an absolute steaming pile of cow dung (shout out to everyone who caught the Liar Liar reference). It reeks of jealousy.
Appearing on Boomer and Carton , Cerrone said that the UFC “has sugar coated” McGregor, continuing:

“Vocally he writes checks his ass can’t check. You rise fast, you fall fast.”

Then, when asked if could at least appreciate the attention McGregor brings to the sport, Cerrone said:

“No, everybody dislikes the kid. We were sitting at the MSG press conference and he was 20 minutes late. We had to be there on time – he’s 20 minutes late. It’s not the Conor show bro.
Oh, but they (the UFC) protect him. He’s very protected. He doesn’t stand in line with the rest of us. They gotta take him away because we’ll just beat his ass. I’d beat his ass up and down the mat.”

What do you mean you’d ‘beat his ass’ Cerrone? If you mean by hitting him outside of the octagon and getting charged with assault and being thrown in jail, then sure, dude, you could probably beat his ass. But the world isn’t a giant UFC ring, DONALD. You can’t just going beating peoples ass whereever you want. The fact is, whether you like it or not, is that McGregor is 20-3 during his MMA career, and when the fight is inside an octagon, he wins. So you can talk about ‘beating his ass’ in the back of a press conference all you want, but if it’s in the Octagon, there’s a more than solid chance McGregor gives you a whooping.
However Cerrone,  scorned ex-girlfriend sounding dude that he is, continued his bitching when speaking to Sports Illustrated:

“It’s all an act, a big show. We couldn’t hear what he was saying (at the press conference), he was just rambling and we were behind the speaker.
I just tune him out, because behind the scenes he is like a scared little kid. He hides from us. When they line us all up they take Conor and put him in another room because he can’t be around other fighters because we don’t play that shit. (He is disliked) by all. By all. He’s not one of the fellas, he’s not a good dude. But he’s done a good job of promoting the sport and a good job making money so I can’t hate him for that.”

Cerrone sounds like the UFC version of Odell Beckham — a whiny little bitch. McGregor is a better showman, a better fighter, more famous, and much richer. Get over it dude, and be better at your job. If you could trade places with Notorious you would and you know it.

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