Best 'Star Wars' Games 2016: Top 5 'Star Wars' Games Now

Star Wars and video games both emerged into pop culture at the same time four decades ago, and over the years both have evolved together far past what anyone could imagine back in the ’70s. Unsurprisingly, the best Star Wars games ever created are available on this generation of consoles and PC hardware, with diverse adventures that sweep you across the cosmos to relive some of your favorite scenes from the movies and create adventures of your own. Whether you’re into light saber battles, interstellar dog fights, or exploration, there is a Star Wars game out there for you.
Here’s a look at the best Star Wars games available right now:

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developers: BioWare
Platforms: PC

This MMO kicked off with a paid subscription model before moving to free-to-play with an optional premium subscription available. The rare MMO that’s as enjoyable as a single-player experience as it is with others, the game’s rich, branching dialogue allows you to shape your story and characters as you evolve. By far the most expansive Star Wars game in existence, this is a game for those who want to make their own way in a galaxy far, far away.

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4. Super Star Wars

Publishers: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: LucasArts
Platforms: PS4, Wii U

This retro throwback is a note-perfect remake of the side-scroller that obsessed Super Nintendo gamers back in the day. With a slew of power-ups, special attacks, cleverly designed levels and massive boss fights, this beat-em-up captures the original trilogy’s sense of adventure. Beware, newer players: You might find this game too frustrating and difficult for your tastes.

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3. Disney Infinity 3.0

Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Avalanche Software
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Wii U

Mashing up Star Wars characters, ships and settings with traditional Disney characters and Marvel superheroes and villains, this sandbox-style affair lets you live out wacky what-if scenarios via team-ups, level design and pre-rendered levels available in expansion packs. You can fill out your roster of toys-to-life action figures with an impressive array that covers all the movies and TV series that have boasted the Star Wars name.

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2. Star Wars Battlefront

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA DICE
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Geared toward online play, this sprawling battle-focused entry is for serious tacticians. Choose from among an array of mission types to engage in fighter ship battles or ground combat, occasionally taking control of recognizable icons from both sides of the force to turn the tide. This game earns the distinction of being the most graphically impressive Star Wars title.

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1. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Traveller’s Tales
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC

Filling out aspects of the story last year’s movie hinted at but left unexplained, this deep dive into the new saga’s mythos also pays tribute to the classic films. The trademark Lego game puzzle-solving, brick bashing and silly cut scene antics are all here, as is the thrilling co-op action. Whether you are going it alone or smashing through the game with a buddy, there is no current Star Wars game that matches the sense of breezy joy this game provides.

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