Best Amiibo Figures 2016: Top 5 Must-Have Amiibo Figures

By creating Amiibo figures, Nintendo has given collectors a way to get the likes of Bowser, Link and Zero Suit Samus to hang out with them at their desks during workdays and help them out in games when they’re at home. Following the lead of the pioneering Skylanders and now defunct Disney Infinity franchises, Nintendo has used Amiibo to bring its decades of iconic characters to life.
Here’s a look at the best Amiibo figures¬†available right now:

5. Marth

Relatively obscure as far as Amiibo-worthy characters go, this Fire Emblem hero was blessed with one of the coolest-looking figurines, and one of the Amiibo most in demand on the secondary market. If you’re looking to buy an Amiibo as a long-term collectible investment, this is probably one of the savviest buys you can make.

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4. Bowser

Mario’s hapless rival, eternal kidnapper of Princess Peach and frequent golf, tennis and soccer opponent is the symbol of resilience. No matter how many times he’s beaten down, he never stops believing that his next evil plan will be the one that works.

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3. Skylanders SuperChargers Turbo Charge Donkey Kong

Doubling as a Skylanders figure as well as an Amiibo, DK looks fierce in this rendition, with a barrel in hand and ready to take on all comers. A former villain who has transitioned over to the heroic side, the giant ape is ready to protect your computer monitor the way he did Pauline atop construction girders in the 80s.

ORDER: Skylanders SuperChargers Turbo Charge Donkey Kong here

2. Little Mac

The Punch-Out hero pops up in Smash Bros. games as a trophy. His figure captures his spunky, come-at-me-bro essence. This is the guy who punched Mike Tyson in the face thousands of times and lived to tell about it. He must be doing something right.

ORDER: Little Mac Amiibo here

1. Zero Suit Samus

There should be a criminal investigation as to why there hasn’t been a mainline series entry in the Metroid series on the current generation of consoles. Arguably the company’s most badass hero, and certainly its most powerful female character, Samus rocks her form-fitting Zero Suit even harder than she does her combat armor.

ORDER: Zero Suit Samus Amiibo here

Order Phil Villarreal’s novel, Zeta Male, here.

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