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WATCH: College Lacrosse Game Decided With Heated Rock, Paper, Scissors Battle

Western Michigan Instagram

Western Michigan Instagram

Over the weekend, the University of Dayton was supposed to face off against Western Michigan University in a men’s lacrosse scrimmage. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and the scrimmage was cancelled due to lightning. Instead of moping around and calling it a day, the two teams decided to determine a winner by playing rock, paper, scissors.

That’s how you make lemonade out of lemons! Holy smokes, that was probably the most intense game of rock, paper, scissors that I’ve ever seen. Loved how jacked up the players were getting, as it practically felt like the national championship was on the line. Definitely made my rock, paper, scissors games for the last slice of pizza look like child’s play.

I also deeply respect that they went with the best of three format. That’s clearly the gentleman’s way of playing rock, paper, scissors. If you play one game for winner-take-all stakes, you’re a goddamn¬†Neanderthal. You gotta create that back and forth mental chess match.

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