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WATCH: Kevin Hart & Conan O’Brien Hit The Gym

Team Coco YouTube

Team Coco YouTube

On last night’s episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Conan O’Brien and Kevin Hart hit up a CrossFit gym to work on their fitness. Obviously, there was more goofing around and ballbusting than actual exercise, and the resulting video was pretty damn funny. You can check out the video below.

Hilarious stuff. I can’t wait to scream out for “taint support” the next time I hit the gym. O’Brien and Hart have awesome chemistry together, and I’d gladly shell out $12.50 if they ever decided to team up for a movie.

Besides O’Brien yelling out for taint spots, some of my other favorite bits were watching them spar, treat medicine balls like unwanted Christmas gifts, and compare very similar skin tones. It was also nice seeing Jen Widerstrom make an appearance. I feel like I could muster the strength to pull a Mack Truck with her rooting me on.

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