This Video Of Jose Fernandez Asking A Young Fan For His Autograph Shows What Kind Of Guy He Was

Whenever someone of remote fame dies, the stories of their character usually start to pour in from all over. However, in the case of Jose Fernandez, you can tell the grief is genuine, that he really was just a great guy. Just look at Jose’s last manager, Don Mattingly, and how highly he spoke of Fernandez, and how devastated he was by his death, despite only coaching him for one season. Then there’s ESPN’s Dan Le Batard, who cried about Fernandez on television and spoke about how even his grandmother loved watching him play. Then, finally, of course, are the stories of his resiliency when trying to defect to the United States. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
And that’s what makes this video so devastating: even in this 30-second clip, you can tell that Fernandez was a special human being. Most superstars will take times to sign autographs for their fans, but few will actually take the time to create a special moment with them, and that’s exactly what Fernandez is doing in this video.
Damn. Rest in Peace man.


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