WWE Clash Of Champions 2016: Results, Live Updates & Highlights

WWE Clash of Champions emanates takes place tonight at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, and can be seen live on WWE Network. Clash of Champions is the first Raw-exclusive PPV and has some mouthwatering matches on the card, including Kevin Owens defending his WWE Universal Championship against Seth Rollins in the main event.
The kickoff show starts at 7 pm EST, with the main show beginning at 8. We’ll be providing updates for every match throughout the night so follow along for winners, recaps, and highlights.


Kevin Owens (C) vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship

In the early goings of this title match Kevin Owens was dominating Rollins, targeting Rollins’ surgically repaired knee while relentlessly running his mouth. Then Rollins fought his way back into it, and the two traded offense for a while.  Kevin Owens landed a dangerous-looking gutbuster from the top rope and then hit a frog splash, but Rollins kicked out. The momentum started to shift when Kevin Owens tried a senton bomb from one announce table onto another but Rollins rolled out of the way.
Kevin Owens’ best friend Chris Jericho ran out and soon after Rollins landed a pedigree, but the referee didn’t see Jericho put Owens’ foot on the rope to avoid the 3 count. Then with the referee down, Rollins hit another pedigree but had no one to make the count, and Y2J started to attack the challenger. Then Stephanie McMahon sent a replacement referee, when Owens came from behind to land a pop-up powerbomb to get the pinfall.
Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall after a pop-up powerbomb to retain the WWE Universal Championship

Rusev (C) (with Lana) vs. Roman Reigns for the United States Championship

This match took a while to gain steam, but the excitement escalated near the end. The drama started to build when Rusev superkicked Roman off a Lana distraction and then tried to apply the Accolade, only for Roman Reigns to slide between the Bulgarian’s legs and spear him. Just before the 3-count Lana pulled Rusev out of the ring and consequently was ejected from ringside. Soon after Rusev locked in the Accolade, but Rusev was able to power to his feet and break the hold. Roman landed another spear and got the pinfall to win the United States Championship for the first time in his career.
Roman Reigns defeated Rusev via pinfall after spear to win the United States Championship



Charlotte (C) (with Dana Brooke) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley for the Raw Women’s Championship

This match was OK but wasn’t quite as incredible as we all hoped it would be. Dana Brooke repeatedly saved Charlotte a few times to help her protect the title. Ultimately the champion was able to retain after nailing Bayley with consecutive big boots to the face with Sasha down on the outside.
Charlotte defeated Bayley via pinfall after 2 big boots to retain the Raw Women’s Champion


Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

A second straight match that drew “This is Awesome” chants from the Indianapolis crowd. Jericho was able to avoid 3 Helluva kicks and looked like he might win it when he got the Walls of Jericho locked in but Sami eventually countered. Then Sami hit a Blue Thunder Bomb but Y2J kicked out at 2. Finally, Jericho was able to surprise Sami with a codebreaker and get the 1-2-3. It’ll be a lot of fun to see what these two do next.
Chris Jericho defeated Sami Zayn via pinfall after codebreaker

Sheamus vs. Cesaro in match 7 of their best-of-7 series for a title opportunity

After a ho-hum first six matches in this series, this one pulled out all the stops. Cesaro and Sheamus landed every move in their arsenal and kicked out of anything. Cesaro even hit Sheamus with a 619 at one point. When Sheamus closelined Sheamus over the barricade, both men suffered injuries. Cesaro looked to have injured his wrist while Sheamus was falling over and may have been legit concussed, though it also all might have been a work. Despite both men’s attempts to have it restarted, this great match ended in a no contest.
Sheamus vs. Cesaro ended in a no contest


TJ Perkins (C) vs. Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship

This was the high-energy match that everybody expected. While the crowd wasn’t too invested in either guy winning, Kendrick and Perkins kept them engaged by mixing innovative high-flying moves with submission attempts. Perkins kicked out of Kendrick’s finisher, the Sliced Bread to the veteran’s disbelief and then Perkins landed a fireman’s carry into an overhead kick and then locked in a knee bar. Kendrick had no choice but to tap.
Kendrick interrupted Perkins post-match interview to shake his hand, but then surprised the Cruiserweight Champion with a head-butt.
TJ Perkins defeated Brian Kendrick via submission (knee bar) to retain the Cruiserweight Championship


The New Day (C) vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson for the WWE Tag Team Championship

After opening the show with their usual shtick, the New Day wrestled one of their most exciting matches in a long time. Gallows & Anderson showed some good aggression throughout, but the New Day were able to pick up the pinfall. The turning point came when Xavier Woods nailed Karl Anderson in the head with a trombone while the referee had his back turned. Kofi and Big E were able to capitalize by nailing their Midnight Hour team finisher. Their title reign reaches 400 days tomorrow.
The New Day defeated Gallows & Anderson via pinfall after a Midnight Hour to retain the Tag Team Championship


Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox (Kickoff Show)

Alicia Fox actually got some offense in this time around, and Nia Jax didn’t manhandle her like the last time these two got into the ring. Nia Jax ultimately won fairly easily though, ending it with a Samoan drop.
Nia Jax defeated Alicia Fox



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