Student Finds Knife In Goodwill Bag, Turns It In, Gets Suspended For Whole Year

Kyler Davies, a seventh-grade student in Coldwater, Michigan, found a pocket knife in a used backpack that he had just bought. The problem was that by the time he discovered the knife, he was already in school. So he did what any responsible young man who found a weapon in a school in 2016 would do, and turned it in to school officials. Over and done with, right? Maybe a high five from the counselor for being so awesome.
But nope, the complete opposite happened. Instead of thanking the young man for his honesty, officials at the school suspended him for a year and tried to throw him off the football team. WTF!?!
Davies and his mother, Denise, claim that the student had bought his bookbag at Goodwill but failed to check the insides before bringing it to school.
“He pulled it out and his counselor was standing there, and he says can I call my mom? And she’s like why do you need to call your mom. He says well, I found this, this isn’t mine,” Denise Davies said. “He was turning it over like he was supposed to, and you are punishing him for doing what’s right. So what it that teaching these kids?”
What would have happened if a teacher or student had found the knife, instead of Davies turning it in? Probably the full year suspension anyways.
Kyler Davies’ mother was able to knock the suspension down from a year to 30 days. But still, the school wouldn’t allow Davies to ride the bus to football practice or even be on the team. Thankfully, the football team is actually privately run, and the coach decided that he’d allow Davies to stay on the team. It’s good to know that at least someone had his head on right.

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