People Are PISSED About How Softly Jimmy Fallon Interviewed Donald Trump

I’ve always been a Colbert guy. He’s clearly the most intelligent guy on late night TV, and he doesn’t treat his guests like infants. If he has a qualm with a certain stance of theirs, he’ll question them … hard. Fallon, on the other hand, treats all of his guests like he’s their teacher at a day care center. Fun games! Making a mess! Jimmy giggling! It’s hard to blame Fallon, considering he crushes his competition in the ratings, but Fallon has always, ALWAYS been soft as baby shit. The only surprise is that it’s taken people this long to be pissed off about it.
Fallon had none other than South Park character gone wrong Donald Trump on Thursday night, and in classic Fallon fashion, he essentially gave Trump an OTPHJ (if you don’t know what that means, Google it) on national television.
Jimmy was his usual bubbly self, so much so, that he literally treated Trump like a puppy. Seriously, literally. Fallon petted the guy.
[hulu id=9f4xnikzzzjbqmviz9demw width=750 height=422]
Jesus, Fallon, have some self-respect man. As the Huffington Post put it, Fallon is humanizing a dangerous man. Also during the interview (which Hulu won’t let me embed because it’s so shameful), Fallon literally pulls out photos of Trump’s childhood home, asking him if he’s got any fond memories of it. Seeeeeeeee, people, Trump grew up in a home too! He was a human child too! He has a heart, see!
For comparison, here’s the time Trump got little boy-d by the OG David Letterman:

And here’s how his contemporary, Stephen Colbert, handled the over-cooked court jester that is Trump:

Needless to say, people on Twitter were NOT having it at all with Fallon’s performance:

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