'High Maintenance' Series Premiere: Date, Time & TV Channel For "Meth(od)"

This Friday night, High Maintenance will make it’s highly-anticipated series premiere on HBO. Don’t be fooled by the whole series premiere business, though. This show may be making its television debut, but it’s been cracking up loyal viewers for quite sometime now. Before making the switch to television, High Maintenance ran on Vimeo for six seasons and 19 episodes. HBO was smitten with the web series and decided to order a six-episode season to air this fall.
High Maintenance follows around a nameless marijuana dealer called The Guy as he delivers his product to clients all over New York City. He’s always running into crazy characters and hilarity typically ensues. High Maintenance is a comedy, and it was created by the husband and wife team of Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld. Sinclair stars as The Guy, and Blichfeld appeared as Becky in the episode “Rachel.”
From the good folks at HBO, here’s the plot description of the series premiere.

The Guy makes an uncomfortable delivery to a macho client and his taciturn friend. Best friends Max and Lainey’s co-dependent relationship begins to wane after Max accidentally stumbles upon a new group of friends, but in order to stay part of this group, Max must keep up a charade while keeping Lainey’s suspicions at bay.

Now that you’ve got a vibe on what this show’s all about, let’s break down how you can tune into “Meth(od).”

High Maintenance “Meth(od)” Viewing Details

Date: Friday, September 16, 2016
Time: 11:00 p.m. EST
TV Channel: HBO
Starring: Ben Sinclair, Max Jenkins, Helene York, Keilyn Durrel Jones, Kevin Mambo, Marisol Miranda, Chris Roberti, Colby Keller
Running Time: 34 minutes

High Maintenance “Meth(od)” Live Stream

High Maintenance Preview


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