The Bills Mafia Are Taking Care of Business In 2016

Last year, the Buffalo Bills fans tailgating at their games earned the nickname Bills Mafia by becoming the rowdiest group of NFL fans to ever walk this earth. Videos of them backyard wrestling, powerbombing themselves and others through furniture, and unapologetically binge drinking massive quantities couldn’t stop going viral.

But now it’s a new season, and some doubters couldn’t help but wonder if the Mafia if they still had it in them. But here, in this office, we knew the truth: that the Bills Mafia would rise from the broken tables and chairs like a phoenix from the ashes. Like a guy who’s been drinking, then takes an 11 A.M. nap, and gets right back after it, the Bills Mafia have returned from the offseason to once again dominate the 2016-2017 as the most debaucherous fanatics of an 8-8 team you’ve ever seen.

To prove our point, we’re going to collect all the Bills Mafia 2016 tailgate videos for you below, leaving a tribute to the splinters and hangovers these animals have endured.

Jets vs. Bills Live Stream: How To Watch TNF Online
Jets vs. Bills Live Stream: How To Watch TNF Online
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