Why The Hell Was Nick Cannon Wearing A Turban On America’s Got Talent?

nick cannon turban

via America’s Got Talent Twitter

Last night on the season 11 finale of America’s Got Talent, Americas’s favorite punching bag Nick Cannon actually made the Internet’s job of trolling him EASIER with his, uh, questionable outfit choice.

Ya know, Cannon isn’t a bad dude by any means – he’s just a f*cking goober. As Jim Carrey says in Liar Liar, he’s “a little bit magoo.” I think I know the problem: he probably has the same public relations team as RG3. I imagine the pre-show conversation going something like this

PR Team: Nick, we have a great idea. You know what we think would be great for your image? A turban! Who doesn’t love a turban?

Cannon: A turban? Say word?… That’s a great idea!

It goes without saying, Twitter came out firing, dropping fire memes left and right. The turban even created its own Twitter account, @turban_nick.

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