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RG3 just cannot take a break, or a hit, after we learned today that the Cleveland Browns starting QB has broken his coracoid bone in his left shoulder, forcing the Browns to put him on the Injury Reserve. It would seem as though Robert Griffin III broke his shoulder in the fourth quarter when he tried running out of bounds, only to hit a cornerback right at the sideline. It looked bad when it happened, and now it seems worse.

Honestly, we feel kind of Speaking of worse, if RG3 ever wants to ever recover again, he should probably avoid Twitter or Instagram. He’s the subject of some seriously rough memes. We can’t help but feel badly for RG3, because even though he’s super cocky and richer than we’ll ever be, he’s still gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to injuries.

Too bad the rest of the dank memers out there don’t feel the same way.

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