Courtney Friel: 22 Hottest Photos of News Anchor

Courtney Friel is probably one of the America’s hottest news anchors. Right now she’s currently working for KTLA as a reporter/anchor, but she’s previously worked for Fox News. If you’re at as familiar with this chick as we are, you know that she loves to post on Instagram pretty much every day, along with catchy hashtags like #FriealityShow #KeepItFriel.

Now that she’s a mom, Friel’s toned it down considerably in the past few years–but she’s still not afraid to talk about her addiction problems including alcohol and drugs. In various social media posts and interviews, Courtney Friel has come clean that she (along with many other attractive blondes in the ’90s) had some good times. But that’s no longer…

Anyways, the good news is that it’s clear that the healthy state of mind has had positive effects on Courtney in her later periods of life. Check out her hottest photos below.

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