Ellen Has A Pulse Nightclub Survivor On Her Show, Showers Him With Gifts & Katy Perry, Makes Everyone Cry

Let’s just get it out there: Ellen is the f*cking best. Show me someone who doesn’t like Ellen Degeneres, and I’ll show you a reptilian lizard person from another world because only evil shape-shifting aliens don’t like Ellen Degeneres.
Ellen is obviously, and famously, a lesbian, so you can only imagine how much the Pulse shooting impacted her. Hell, she says it in the opening of the video when she says she cried for 15 straight hours after she heard the news. Knowing all of this, it was obvious that Ellen was going to go above and beyond to bring some joy to the survivors. And that’s exactly what she did.
Via Vulture:

Ellen DeGeneres put together an emotional package on her show this morning featuring Tony Marrero, who survived the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, when a gunman opened fire in the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, killing 49 people. Marrero was shot four times in the back, and lost his friend Luis Vielma who went out with him that night.
Ellen surprised Marrero with the gift of Katy Perry. Marrero says that her song “Rise” helped him through his recovery.

Like I said, Ellen is the absolute f*cking best.

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