The New Game Of Thrones Novel, 'Winds Of Winter' May Finally Have A Release Date

You could say that the latest Game Of Thrones novel has taken a while. It’s been over five years since the release of the A Dance With Dragons, the newest novel in the A Song Of Ice And Fire series. And in that five years, a lot has changed for GOT. The novel’s publication date has been delayed so many times that the HBO show officially passed the novel’s narrative. Now, while the show contains certain details from the upcoming novels, the two are now headed on different paths.
Well, it appears that our wait may be over. Amazon France (yes – Amazon France) recently posted a listing for The Winds of Winter that’s been quickly noticed eagle-eyed fans. The release date: March 9, 2017. The listing is actually still live, which you can find here.

March seems to be the perfect release month for the upcoming novel. While Thrones usually begins airing in late April, the upcoming seventh season is not expected to premiere until late June or early July, giving fans something to hold them over. While this all sounds great in theory, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as Martin’s UK publisher HarperCollins told one outlet reporting the rumor that “nothing has been finalized regarding the publication or the date.” According to Entertainment Weekly, Martin’s U.S. publisher, Penguin Random House, could not be reached for comment). Similarly, Amazon has also posted false placeholder dates for Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books in the past. In early January 2016, Martin confirmed on his
Digging a little deeper, in early January 2016, Martin said that there was “a lot still left to write” and that completion of the book was “months away still… if the writing goes well.” Well, here’s to hoping that the writing went well, cause if so, we’re looking at new Game Of Thrones content in just a short 6 months. With the premiere date of season 7 being delayed, we can only pray Martin delivers.

[h/t Entertainment Weekly]

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