WATCH: The Real Reason Why You Shouldn't Drive Slow In The Left Lane

As we approach the end of summer, I’m sure you have at least one or two road trips to end the season with a bang. So this video that explains why driving slow in the left lane isn’t just illegal, but a bad decision, is pretty good to bone up on before the next time you get behind the wheel.
The argument, that I agree with, is that left lane slow drivers forces faster drivers to have to change speeds and lanes more often to zig zag through the traffic. In turn, this actually causes more accidents than if they had just stayed right. Additionally, driving slower than the rest of the traffic is actually more dangerous than driving faster. It’s all laid out for you (beautifully, I might add) in the video below.

Honestly, like the narrator, I had no idea that it was actually illegal to be in the left lane unless you’re passing. I just thought it was common courtesy. But nope, today that changes. Today I learn another thing about other drivers that’s sure to piss me off. As if my road rage wasn’t bad enough as it is.

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