Would You Put Up With This Psycho Girlfriend's List Of Rules?

You know those key moments in a relationship that you actually realize your girlfriend is insane? Those are precious moments, and you need to listen to them. Connor from Scotland had one of those moments two months ago when he discovered that his girlfriend wrote a list of 20 rules he was to adhere to while vacationing in Ibiza with the boys. If those rules were really serious, then it’s probably time to dip right? Especially if one of those rules is that he’s required to wear “the girlfriend shirt, a shirt with a photo of the two of them together so that everyone knows whipped. Clearly this is a girl who’s overprotective, so it’s probably a good idea to get out while you can.
Over and done, right? Blog over. Move onto the next story…
But here’s the catch: this stage 5 clinger a lottery winner! $$$ 🤑🤑🤑. Apparently his girlfriend, Jane Park, is Britain’s youngest lottery winner. So on one hand you have cuckoo Jane who sounds like you should dip, and on the other hand you have the golden ticket. Would you put up with this hulabaloo or would you stick around?
Maybe it’d help if you saw the list first.
And then the girlfriend shirt (which for the record I love the idea of).
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Honestly, in this case I’m probably out. Jane only won a million pounds, and that was a couple of years ago so it’s not like he’ll never have to work again. A million pounds is really only the kind of money that means you’ll never have serious cash flow issues, not the solution to all your problems. So although I think her rules are actually quite funny, there’s always a bit of truth to things like this.

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