WATCH: Mark Sanchez Goes Undercover As Busking Musician, Shouldn’t Quit Day Job

Mark Sanchez Draft Kings Video

Mark Sanchez hasn’t had the greatest offseason this year. True, he was signed to the Denver Broncos who were desperately in need of a QB after the retirement of Peyton Manning, but more recently he’s been hurtin’ for certain. In fact, the seventh-round draft pick of 2015, Trevor Siemian (Northwestern), might have just jacked his spot. And if he continues to drop on the depth chart, then his $4.5 million contract could actually cause the Broncos to cut him from the team entirely.

Knowing all this, we were intrigued to see if Mark had any other talents besides football. Just in case, you know, he’s got some free time this fall.┬áSo when we heard that he had gone undercover in Santa Monica as a┬ámusician, we had to watch.

Long story short, we’re of the opinion that Mark shouldn’t quit his day job. Not just because he’s an awful singer (better guitarist) but also because not a lot of musicians make $4.5 million a year.



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