'Gotta Catch Jamaal,' And The Rest of the Best 2016 Fantasy Football Team Names

The NFL regular season is just around the corner, which means that a ton of people are trying to figure out the most important aspect of their fantasy football team: their fantasy football team name.
Obviously, you can wait until you see which players you draft and then go from there, but we’re of the opinion that you go team name first, then pick your players around that. Maybe that’s why we’re always stuck with The Sacko Bowl. Either way, there are a ton of great and hilarious fantasy team names that have already been thought of–especially with the death of Harambe (RIP) and the rise of Pokemon GO.
As always, extra bonus points are awarded to those of you who come up with your own names, but we put together an excellent fantasy football team names to get you thinking. Check out the best 2016 Fantasy Football Team Names below.

Pokemon GO Themed Names

Gotta Catch Jamaal! https://www.reddit.com/r/fantasyfootball/comments/4wwg3v/best_team_names_for_2016/d6afq3b
Machamp Bailey
Charmandrick West
Tom Brady’s PSI-duck

Game of Thrones Themed Names

Demaryius Targaryen
A Team Has No Name
Game of Throws
Hodor’s Hodors
Hodor’s Hold Doors
Arya Ready For Some Football
KhaLacy, Mover of Chains
White Welkers
Tyrann Lannister
Vernon Davos
The GridIron Throne

Harambe Themed Names

Cincinnati Harambes
Harambe Died For Your Wins
Clinton-Dix Out For Harambe
Hakeem Nicks Out For Harambe

Inappropriate Team Names

Jacking Goff (source)
Forsett in her butthole (source)
Pass to Mouth
Rawls Deep
God Hates Jags (source)

Random Team Names

Balloon Drop Bill (Necessary photo) (source)
Golden Tate Warriors (source)
And Hurns to You, Allen Robinson (source)
Watt Me Whip, Watt Me JJ (source)
Fat Bottomed Gurleys
Almost Jameis (source)
Make AmariCarr Great Again (source)
I’m With Hurns
Le’Veon my Wayward Son
Edward Forte Hands
Teddy Throwsevelt
Wizards of Waiverwire Place
Suh-icide Squad
Too Many Cooks

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