The First Madden 17 Reviews Are In, Here's What People Are Saying

There are few sports games more anticipated each summer than the new versions of Madden, and this year we’re more pumped than ever to play Madden 17. Although the game has absolutely no competition because of their deal with the NFL, the minds behind Madden are always trying to improve the game, making both visual and gameplay tweaks to find the perfect balance. So did they get it right this year?
In Madden 17, the gameplay has been changed to help give a little more presence to the run game. Often times, Madden games come down to the passing game and whether or not the defense can get some timely interceptions. But in Madden 17, EA Sports has added some button-mashing “mini games” to the run game to allow for running backs to break through tackles.
Obviously, we’ll have to see how the running game pans out online, but we’re of the opinion that this is a good start. On top of the running game improvements, Madden 17 has made some changes to Franchise, MUT, and other parts of the game. So did they get it right this year? Let’s see what some of the outlets with early access have to say.

Madden 17 Reviews

GamesRadar: “In the time since acquiring those exclusive rights, the series has been occasionally accused of phoning it in and failing to make significant progress, year to year. With major changes to some of the game’s core mechanics, and an impressive revamp of the now marquee Franchise Mode, Madden 17 has done its best to avoid any such accusations, and succeeded.”
TrustedReviews: “Much of what’s been altered are small steps to further enjoyment, because EA has the fundamentals down. Is it unrecognisable from Madden 16? No. Is it more playable? Yes.”
Forbes:Madden 17 scores in many ways, and there’s more to like than there is to hate, but we can’t ignore the flags on the field. Gameplay, presentation and customization have taken strides, but there’s still work to do.” “Although the absence of Ultimate Moments is a significant loss, “Madden 17” is a blast to play. The depth and options in Franchise Mode and the attention to detail EA has put into small yet important factors make it a title I won’t put down anytime soon. If you’re a football fan, you’ll get your money’s worth with this title.”
IGN: “With Madden NFL 17, the series has finally found its comfort zone between the tackles, and offense and defense have reached a great balance. More in video review below.

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