That's No Streaker, That's Just An Irish Badminton Player

Olympic Badminton is not a sport that I watch or will watch, but this Irishman sticking it to the booing Brazilian fans is just incredible. So what’s with all of the animosity? Well, the Brazilian fans have been less than gracious, booing loudly whenever anyone who is not Brazilian wins. It’s one thing to cheer loudly for your countrymen, it’s another thing altogether to boo someone who has poured at least four years of their life into something. This is especially wrong at the Olympics, something that’s supposed to bring countries together in friendly competition.
But then again, this kind of behavior isn’t too surprising from a country that has their own word for gang-run ghettos around every corner, a corrupt police force that robs its own people, and HIV + God knows what else swimming in their oceans.
So a big hat to the Irish delegation this Olympics. I have no idea how many medals they’ve won, nor do I really care, but these are the guys going home with their dignity intact. Like that Irish boxer who flipped off the boxing judges after he got absolutely hosed in the score cards.
Or this Badminton player who’s not taking anything from anyone, especially not the sh*tty Brazilian fans who tried to rain on his parade.

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