Trump Supporters Believing Outrageously Fake Campaign Ads Shows How Brainless These People Are

Maybe even more surprising than these Donald Trump supporters’ reactions is the fact that Triumph The Insult Comic Dog still maintains a shred of pop cultural relevance. I mean, seriously, I remember when Eminem was actually beefing with this puppet back in the early 2000s. Yet here he is, “hosting” hilarious political videos in 2016.
In partnership with Hulu, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog staged a focus group with Trump’s biggest supporters, presenting a series of increasingly outrageous and extremely fake campaign ads to find out how far they’re willing to go in support of their candidate.
Unsurprisingly, they mindlessly found a way to agree with every single one. Even the one plan where we “strategically plant porta-potties near places where Mexicans congregate- Home Depots, migrant farms -that lock from the outside. Once all the porta-potties are filled and locked, they’re lifted by crane and put onto a flatbed truck, and driven across the Mexican border.”
Every single one of these people thought it was a reasonable idea. Every… single… one. Wow. Just wait till they get to the ad that suggests we start snatching up all of the housekeepers.

WATCH: Daniel Fitzpatrick Facebook Live Video
WATCH: Daniel Fitzpatrick Facebook Live Video
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