WATCH: Lamborghini No Mercy: Lambo Bursts Into Flames After Owner Crashes Into Light Pole

Check out this Lamborghini becoming a raging ball of fire in Chicago. Luckily its owner escaped before the car caught fire, so we can make fun of him for carelessly crashing his exorbitantly priced car into a light pole without regret. Note: the guy filming the video calls the car a Ferrari but it is indeed a Lamborghini.

Just left corner of Balbo and Columbus in Chicago Guy pulled from this car before explosion! #Chitown

— Stephen Bardo (@stephenbardo) August 13, 2016

While obviously it sucks to have a car that cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars literally go up in smoke, it’s hard to have much sympathy. Someone only drives around in a Lamborghini because he wants everybody to notice him, so congratulations in advance on going viral.  Maybe I’m just a jealous jerk, but I find it poetic that this guy who thought he had the most fire car on the block literally had his car catch on fire.

Now only like 100,000 articles more for COED until I can afford to buy myself a Lamborghini. Until then I’m going to keep driving my Rav-4 and taking consolation in schadenfreude.

(h/t ABC 7 Chicago)


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