18-Year-Old Blamed For Spiking A Cop's Drink With THC & Meth, Now Proclaimed Innocent

Update 1012/2016: The police actually just reached out to us via email to tell us that the drinks came back negative for drugs, meaning that either the cop couldn’t handle his sugar and just blamed an innocent worker, or that the cop must have found his THC and meth elsewhere.
Tanis Llyod Ukena is the name of the Layton, Utah man who decided it would be a good idea to spike/poison the drink of a local Police Sergeant who visited the subway where Tanis was working. The Layton Police Department claim that Tanis added THC and methamphetamine to the Sergeant’s drink when he wasn’t looking.

Who Is Tanis Ukena?

Tanis an 18-year-old dummy who used to work at Subway before he was caught on security footage putting something in a Police Sergeant’s drink. He’s a graduate of North Davis Jr. High.

What Happened?

According to police statements, the Sergeant visited the Subway for lunch (as many of us are known for doing), but when he tasted his liter of cola*, he noticed that something was wrong with the taste. Apparently, the Sargeant noticed the taste of trace chemicals.
When he got into his car and started driving, the police sergeant realized that when “he came to a red light on his way back to the station and his body wouldn’t let him hit the brake, according to KSTU.”
The Sergeant eventually made it to the station safely, but he was taken to the hospital where they ran some tests on him. The doctors and nurses realized he tested positive for THC and methamphetamine–two drugs that shouldn’t ever be mixed. Actually, let’s just say that meth should never be taken ever. Anyways, the officer returned to Subway and after reviewing the footage realized that Tanis was probably responsible.

“The suspect was seen taking the sergeant’s order, filling his drink,” Sgt. Bobrowski said. “The suspect left the sergeant’s drink on the counter and left the picture frame. In the video you can see him returning with something in his hand and then leaning over the sergeant’s drink for an unusual amount of time. The suspect then provided the sergeant with the drink.”

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