49-Year Old R. Kelly Has A Teenage Girlfriend… And The Sky Is Blue

R. Kelly has a 19-year-old girlfriend


In some of the least surprising news of the day, 49-year-old R&B legend R. Kelly now has a 19-year-old girlfriend. I debated whether I should even post this or not because I’m sure most reasonable people assumed R. Kelly had a girlfriend much younger than him.

R. Kelly has been creeping on young girls for decades now, so at least this time it’s with a girl who is legal. And I’m not going to player hate because the 19-year-old is an absolute babe.

*Thinks about it a little more* Okay fine, it’s pretty messed up.

Apparently R. Kelly is dating a 19 year-old, and everyone's freaking out. https://t.co/fjfBNC7nsl pic.twitter.com/cmQMapIv4a

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) August 8, 2016

R. Kelly was spotted Friday night at Atlanta nightclub The Gold Room with the girl, a model named Halle Calhoun. Clearly R. Kelly’s advice “Don’t take no chick to the club when you just met her” doesn’t apply when you are the king of R&B. The two are apparently dating.

The Twitter response today was on point.

R. Kelly is trending for exactly the reason you would expect

— Christina Warren @ MSIgniteTheTour (@film_girl) August 8, 2016

49 yr old R Kelly is dating a 19 yr old. She's about 5 years older than most girls he dates, so Kelly considers her a cougar.

— Andy Ruther (@AndyRuther) August 8, 2016


That moment when you realize #RKelly's sexual/romantic songs are about 13-year-old girls. pic.twitter.com/t82pFxeErd

— Son of Baldwin (@SonofBaldwin) August 8, 2016

I see R. Kelly is still R. Kellying

— Your THIGHness (@OhL0la) August 8, 2016

In other news, water is wet.

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