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WATCH: I Can’t Stop Watching These Bears Enjoying The Beach


Bears Beach Video

Humans aren’t the only ones who like the beach, as evidenced by this absurdly cute family of black bears chilling at Pope Beach in Lake Tahoe. Honestly we’re a little surprised that people are willing to get this close to a bear and their cubs, but I guess a little bit of sun and fresh water is enough to calm everyone down.

That being said, how disappointing is that these goddamn bears have spent more time at the beach than me? I’ve been so knee-deep in weddings this summer that I’ve almost forgotten the frustration of getting all the sand out of my toes.

Side note, lake beaches are 100 million times more enjoyable than ocean beaches. Obviously you don’t have the awesome waves that you get from the ocean, but lakes are better in every single way. Fresh water doesn’t kill you when you get a little in your nose, the temperatures tend to be more ideal, you can just chill in a tube for hours on a lake, and the parties tend to get a lot wilder.

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