These Are The Top 9 Unhealthiest Meals In America, And Naturally, They All Look Scrumptious

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has revealed the recipients of its 2016 Xtreme Eating Awards, AKA, the unhealthiest meals in America. The list contains 9 of the unhealthiest, calorie-packed, artery clogging meals in the nation. The Xtreme Eating Awards has it all: from a burger platter that packs nearly 3,000 calories to a slushy drink that has 970 calories and over a cup of sugar.
Lindsay Moyer, a dietitian for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, had some rave reviews of the US fast food chains (not):

Unfortunately, these extreme meals are more like the rule, not the exception. America’s restaurant chains are serving up meals that seem engineered to promote diabetes, obesity, heart disease and strokes. The 3,000-calorie burger platters of today make McDonald’s Quarter Pounders look like sliders.”

Food that makes McDonald’s quarter pounders look like sliders?! Holy hell. No wonder this country is in such horrendous shape (literally, horrible shape. I mean, economically and politically as well, but literally bad fitness shape). So let’s get to it, these are the unhealthiest meals in America:

Uno Pizzeria & Grill’s Whole Hog Burger

2,850 calories, 62g of saturated fat and 9,790mg of sodium

The Cheesecake Factory’s Fried Chicken & Waffles Benedict

 2,580 calories, 86g saturated fat and 3,390 mg of sodium

Dave & Buster’s Short Rib & Cheesy Mac Stack

 1,910 calories, 42g saturated fat and 3,390mg of sodium

Sonic’s RT 44 Grape Slush with Rainbow Candy (44oz)

 970 calories and 1¼ cups of sugar

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Dessert Nachos

 2,100 calories, 64 g of saturated fat and 5g of trans fat

Maggiano’s Little Italy Marco’s Meal For Two

2,840 calories, 79g and 6,390mg sodium per person

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Cremini Pork Shank

 1,800 calories, 43g of saturated fat and 3,700mg of sodium

Jersey Mike’s Subs’ Giant Chipotle Cheese Steak

1,850 calories, 30g of saturated fat and 4,330mg of sodium

Applebee’s Build Your Sampler

3,390 calories, 65g of saturated fat and 11,650mg of sodium per order

So how many of these meals have you eaten? I’ve only had two: the Applebees Sampler and the Jersey Mike’s Chipotle Cheesesteak. And although they are clearly unhealthy, I’ll be damned if I stop eating them, because they are DELICIOUS.
[h/t Daily Mail]

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