WATCH: The ASU Alpha Phi Recruitment Video Will Blow Your Socks Off

ASU Alpha Phi Recruitment Video

Today will be remembered as the day that Alpha Phi recruitment videos took over the internet. Not only did we get to check out a look into the lives of the USC Alpha Phis, we also get an incredible and almost unbelievable recruitment video from the ASU Alpha Phis. Is this the beginning of a second, much hotter “cold war”?

These ASU Alpha Phi sisters rented a helicopter, a hot air balloon and a pink jeep to film one of the best-produced recruitment videos we’ve ever seen. Obviously, it helps that they’re attractive college students having a good time, but the game has certainly changed. If you’re an incoming student at ASU, it’s a safe bet that these girls aren’t always flying around the grand canyon in a chopper or going cliff diving, but your chances of doing that kind of fun stuff definitely improve when you’re with them.

Check out the new best sorority recruitment video of 2016.

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