#ArthurMemes: Memes, Funny Photos, Jokes and Images

Remember Arthur, the show about an aardvark and his friends that you loved when you were in pre-school ?

Well, #ArthurMemes erupted on Twitter in the past few days and brought the PBS kids show back into the limelight. Sure these might mess up your inn memories from childhood innocence, but they’re absolutely hilarious.


"from what I heard she got a baby by Buster" pic.twitter.com/sZd1bw9DdQ

— chey nechelle (@cheynechelle) July 28, 2016



when you wake up and see you missed the "you up?" text pic.twitter.com/Gxvb3hZ6d5

— FIONA (@FIONAob1) July 28, 2016

When you tryna figure out which way the Swag Surf wave going pic.twitter.com/nUbrC5wnw1

— Anomaly. (@_TaBoris) July 28, 2016

When your homie flaming you in the groupchat but you got the dirt so you steady waitin to end his life😂 #arthurmemes https://t.co/jvnnTRtW4L

— Cause We're Comedy (@CauseWereComedy) July 29, 2016

@YABOlARTHUR arthur memes are blowing up the internet pic.twitter.com/a51SvBhlVT

— alex (@alexgumbrell) July 31, 2016





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