Hot Czech Gangster's GF Planned A Hollywood-Esque Prison Break

Former South Africa Playboy model Marissa Christopher has been arrested on conspiracy to help break infamous Czech Republic gangster Radovan Krejcir out of a South African prison. Marissa was the mistress of Krejcir–who was actually cellmates with “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius–and the mother of one of his children. But she was also the mastermind behind a plot that honestly seems like something out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Prosecutor Lawrence Gcaba told Kempton Park Magistrates Court that the plan to spring Krejcir from jail was to be ‘a full on assault’ of the facility, involving a gang of ten wielding assault rifles, storming the compound to free the Czech fugitive using inside information from corrupt warders, who have since been rounded up.

The scheme’s timeline would have seen Krejcir lifted by helicopter to a safe house and then spirited over the border into Mozambique before jetting off to a new life in Argentina. [source]

The plan all went to sh*t, though, when the prison guards at Zonderwater jail found some interesting items during a routine check. Not only did they discover prison guard outfits and blueprints of the jail, they also found a loaded pistol with two ammo magazines hidden inside Krejcir’s treadmill. In addition to the weapon, they discovered a knife and a screwdriver.

Obviously Krejcir had some help from the inside, and a couple of prison guards have been arrested, are cooperating, and will now testify against Marissa Christopher.

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