This Is How Much Money The Average Pot User Spends A Year On Weed

Okay, first off, let it be known that this story is about how much the LEGAL pot user spends a year on weed, which is why this number seems a little low. It’s also far less interesting because I’m way more curious how much the illegal pot user (AKA probably about 80% of smokers) spends. But hey, no one said life was perfect, so forge on we must. [lead image via Getty]
According to High Times:

 ” A cannabis intelligence firm, Headset Inc., reviewed approximately 40,000 dispensary purchases made in Washington State from September 2014 to July 2016 and found that the average recreational pot consumer is a 37-year-old man who spends $647 annually on bud, with approximately 19.5 days between purchases.”

This would be far more relevant to me if I had a f*cking clue what the rates are in a legal bud shop, as I have never been to one. Do they sell eighths? Are quarters less than $90 (they sure as hell better be)?
Furthermore, according to Bloomberg:

The average age of legal marijuana consumers is 37, millennials make most of the pot purchases, with over 50 percent of consumers aged 21 to 34. According to the data, customers in their twenties spend an average of $27  per purchase but make dispensary visits more often than other generations, a median of every 16 days. Comparatively, those in their thirties visit every 18.2, and those in their forties visit every 20 days, with the median spend per trip also increasing with age.

I do not smoke the devil’s lettuce because I’m a hard-working, do-gooding Christian boy, butttttttt, if I did decide to invest in zoot suits, I’d probably be spending more than $650 a year, that’s for sure.

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